Chubb treasury doors 254mm

in less than a quarter of a century the incidence of burglary has trebled in Great Britain. this is reflected all over the world crime is on the increase . faced by such a fearsome problem, everybody , whether small depositor or large international organization, is turning more and more to banking for security at all times.

for over 150 years Chubb have been intimately concerned with the problems of security. Today nearly 30 state banks rely on Chubb for their security . with these must be coupled the many other world famous names in banking who likewise rely on Chubb.

although Chubb is an old-established company working in a craft where tradition is important, it is not by any mean introspective organization which rests on its laurels

every year increasing effort is put into research. an independent research company within the Chubb group surveys worldwide trends in burglary. it examines closely the many burglaries that take place to discover the way the modern cracksman is working and thinking, and then analyses these attacks to apply the knowledge gained in formulation an adequate defense.

Trends in burglary appear in one part of the world and rapidly spread to others. With factories in seven countries, Chubb has its finger on the pulse of these movements and often is ready to apply the remedy in one part of the world long before the particular type of attack reaches it.

A Chubb treasury door is designated by its effective strength or thickness e.g. a10″(254mm) door has 10″(254mm) of metal protection over the whole face area, its overal thickness being 16″(407mm).

the Chubb treasury door is a product of unrivalled experience coupled with constant and unrelenting research.

the heart of these vault doors whatever their thickness is Chubb torch and drill resisting alloy.

recently a careful study was made of burglary throughout the world. following these investigations exhaustive tests were carried out to produce an alloy which gives effective protection against the numerous types of attack used by criminals. thus the modern cracksman meets formidable barrier in Chubb TDR alloy whether he uses force, drilling or oxygen cuttting equipment.

Chubb treasury doors also give protection against the explosive attack by using special relocking devices which are constantly on guard should the main locks be dislodged by explosives or, indeed heattreasuer door desing